A little village in Hertfordshire, England.

Slimming World
I run the only slimming club in the area Slimming World. I have a class at St Mary's School Welham Green on Wednesday nights starting at 7.30.

The club has been running for 12 weeks and so far has over 60 ladies on the books - the club is still growing.

With Christmas only 13 weeks away what a good opportunity for ladies (or gentleman) to have lost a stone by then (at just a 1lb a week).

I myself lost 4stone 3lbs in 8 months with Slimming World and qualified as a Consultant in May of this year.

I had a weight problem and so many people were amazed at how different I looked and were interested in how I did it etc. I felt if I could do it for me I could just as easily pass that information on to others. I also felt there is nothing around here to help people loose weight, and ladies really look forward to coming to the club and not only exchanging ideas but as a social evening as well.

The Eating Plan (I don't see it as a diet) is based on Original Red days, unlimited meat, vegetables and fruit or Green days, unlimited pasta, rice and potatoes, with other foods as well to make a balanced diet, but it is so easy to follow, people will have no trouble following this plan for ever. It is basically healthy eating. No foods are "forbidden" just taken as sins (or treats as I call them),

I have loads of recipes and helpful tips to motivate and encourage people to shed even just a few pounds for that special occasion or just to feel good about themselves.

Contact Shirley O'Dwyer on 01707 273700 or e-mail via s.odwyer@ntlworld.com